Anyone who has ever had a therapist knows that finding a good one is a seemingly impossible task… It was apparent from the very first session that Nancy Henningsen is unlike most therapists I’ve had. Not only did I always receive helpful input, but she offered refreshing perspectives. I tend to go on tangents, but she kept me focused. Nancy provided very constructive criticism without casting an ounce of judgment.”—Amaya T.

You Can Handle It On Your Own–Until You Can’t

You are busy making it work day after day. You steer your way around the same arguments and insecurities, the crazy schedule, the tug-o-war relationships, the demanding boss—spouse—children… You just keep going until it becomes… unbearable? It doesn’t have to be that way. To seek help and guidance when you need it does not mean that you are weak. It’s the wise thing to do.

Am I the Right Therapist For You?

As a family therapist I counsel adults, teens and children–individually and in group therapy sessions. I believe I do my best work with young women and families. My approach to family communication and individual therapy is solutions-focused.

Whether at work, at school or at home we are all engaged in relationships. A family therapist is a specialist, particularly attuned to the dynamics of relationships and how they affect individuals. I will help you become mindful of those things that trigger automatic, habitual behaviors, so that you can learn to replace bad habits with positive ones. What is a “bad” habit? It is one that results in you feeling chronically stressed, anxious, angry, sad or depressed. In time and with therapy, it is possible to tap your inner strengths and potential for harmonious relationships with yourself and others.