About Nancy Henningsen, Ed.D, LCSW

A lot of my clients start out very cerebral.  I tell them, ‘Take a breath.  Go inside.  Tell me what’s happening right now.’   I help them get out of their heads and into the present moment where they can face their fears and get to the real issues.  I give them a lot of tools and strategies one at a time. —Dr. Nancy Henningsen

Nancy HenningsenDr. Nancy Henningsen is a licensed clinical social worker based in the Washington DC metropolitan area.  She has worked extensively with children, families, and adolescents and treats adults who have issues around anxiety and depression.  She works methodically with clients to clarify their pressing needs, and to outline and pursue an appropriate plan of action.

Before entering the field of social work, Dr. Henningsen spent thirty years in education, most recently as Middle School Director at Sandy Spring Friends School.  These experiences gave her an in-depth understanding of learning issues, parenting concerns, and individualized educational programs (IEPs).

Working closely with teachers, parents and students, Nancy observed the challenges encountered by families.  Some of the problems she saw adolescents struggle with deeply concerned her because they were so severe.  She sought advanced education to broaden her understanding.  Before long she was inspired to pursue a degree in social work.

Nancy received her MSW from the University of Maryland.  She followed that with two years of supervised training at the Veterans Hospital and Washington Assessment and Therapy Services. In 2003 Nancy opened her private practice in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Dr. Henningsen holds a BA from DePauw University, an MA from the University of Wisconsin, and an Ed.D from Columbia University/Teachers College.

Dr. Henningsen is an approved provider, Care First (BlueCross & BlueShield), Aetna, Tricare, and United Health Care.

MD License 12280