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Anxiety and Depression on the Rise since 11/8.

My clients have been either super anxious or super depressed ever since 11/8. (You remember 9/11 don’t you?)  They are saying things like: “The ground just shifted for me as it did when the Towers came down.” All we had was an election!  But for many , including myself, it created a feeling of DOOM, […]

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Why are we so OVERWHELMED?

Being overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed. Clients entering my therapy office cite being overwhelmed as their biggest concern.   Brigid Schulte’s book Overwhelmed, touched a raw nerve among my clients, spawned book discussion groups, and recently garnered buzz on talk shows.    The cover of Ovewhelmed Work, Love, Play when No One has the Time,  is filled with Ms. Schulte’s own to-do list.  Who […]

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Mindfulness Helps Kids with Anxiety

Being Mindful teaches kids to observe their feelings and notice the negative thoughts in their minds.  This in turn lessens their anxiety.   “Why did I do that?” “I’m so stupid.” Do you hear your child saying this?  Kids who are anxious will spin this negative round and round in their minds.  They come to believe it.  This […]

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